"What Is The Easiest Way To Learn About And
Better Understand The Powerful Ancient
Hawaiian Healing Method Of

…To Have It Explained By Mabel Katz – One Of The
Foremost Ho’oponopono Experts In The World!

In this Exclusive Ho’oponopono Interview, Mabel Katz introduces you to the amazing healing power of
Ho’oponopono, which will enable you to gain a greater sense of peace in your life.

Dear Saul,

Thank you so much for making the downloads of Mabel Katz’ interview available to us at no cost.  What a wonderful gesture!!!  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!!
I am en ex-Durbanite, living in Newport Beach, Southern California, approximately 45 miles from Los Angeles..  Last weekend, I attended the Ho’oponopono training with Dr. Len, The first day, Saturday, I met Mabel.  What a delightful lady!!!  Her energy is incredible!!!  Dr. Len’s energy is way off the charts!!!  It was an awesome experience, believe me. 
Sala kahle! (I hope the spelling is correct!!!  (Left Durban 23 years ago – so am somewhat rusty!!!).

Val Sherman

Exclusive Ho'oponopono Secrets Interview

Hi Saul,

The "old" programs and patterns are so ingrained within us. Reading
Mabel Katz's interview has been another 'tool' for me to help plant the
'new' Ho'oponopono process in my mind and awareness. Thank you for
making this available for us.

Much Appreciation.


Mabel’s first Ho’oponopono training with Dr Hew Len was back in 1997, and since then she has worked very
closely with him, traveling around the world, talking about her book “The Easiest Way” and fascinating
large audiences with her knowledge of Ho’oponopono.

For many years Mabel has been a Foundation of I – Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono seminar leader,
and now, she has been given permission by Dr Len and the Foundation to share this information independently,
especially in the Latin American countries.

Mabel is the author of the fascinating small book “The Easiest Way”, which is a practical guide for
applying spiritual principles to get past blocks to attaining what you want in your life. It is based on Ho’oponopono,
an ancient problem solving art from the Hawaiian culture, which teaches that life in fact can be easy.
This is what Dr Joe Vitale, the co-author of Zero Limits has to say about “The Easiest Way”.

“This is the clearest explanation of Ho’oponopono that I have ever seen.”

Mabel’s book is in-depth and at the same time concise, with examples of how to apply
Ho’oponopono in our daily lives.

Thank you for the free download of your interview with Mabel Katz. It was a great interview and it deepened my understanding Ho’oponopono. I do practice living in the now and have incorporated the Ho’oponopono into my life. The power of the Ho’oponopono will deepen your knowing of who you are and the best part is it start the moment you take 100 % responsibility.
Namaste Thank You I Love You
Michelle from North Carolina


Dearest Saul

Thank you very, very much for your free Ho'oponopono Interview with Mabel Katz. Really enjoyed it, and have read it at least 6-7 times already!

I live in Malaysia and have bought and read "Zero Limits" but could not get Mabel's "Easiest Way", therefore, your interview with her was a god-send!

Once again, thank you very, very much!



Exclusive Ho'oponopono Secrets Interview

Listening To And Reading This Exclusive Interview Truly Is
The Easiest Way To Learn About Ho’oponopono.

In this Exclusive Ho’oponopono Interview, Mabel reveals how you can start using the incredibly simple, but powerful Ho’oponopono tools to improve all areas of your life. Here are just a few of the questions that Mabel answers:

What is Ho'oponopono, and what does Ho'oponopono mean to you?
What were some of the practices that you did before you discovered Ho’oponopono 10 years ago?
How did you know that Ho’oponopono had been what you were looking for?
What happens when we take 100% responsibility for everything that appears in our life?
Does taking good care of ourselves mean putting ourselves first?
What happens when our intellect decides to let go and allow The Divine to take care of problems for us?
Does our worrying prevent The Divine from being able to solve our problems for us?
How was Dr Len able to cure that entire ward of criminally insane patients at the Hawaii State Hospital in the late 80’s?
What is Dr Len’s message for healers?
What is the secret to seeing Ho’oponopono work in our life?

The Answers To All These Questions, As Well As Many Other Ho’oponopono
Insights Are Revealed In This Exclusive Interview.

As you absorb this information, You will discover how you can start incorporating Ho’oponopono in
your own life. The information in this interview comes directly from one of the world’s leading Ho’oponopono
experts, and is explained in such an easy to understand way, that you will be able to start applying the
proven Ho’oponopono tools today!

Mabel has taken Dr Hew Len’s philosophy and made it easy to start implementing it into your everyday life.
- After listening to and reading this interview, you will never look at the world the same way again.

But remember... you need to act fast. This will only be available for a limited time for FREE, so be
sure to download it

Hello Saul,

Thank you for giving me the nudge to listen to the recording. I download lots of things, and often file them away to listen to later, but I would have missed this gem. I'm so glad you did a transcript too.

I was really impressed with how much Mabel Katz gave away. It was a very informative and revealing talk, and well worth an hour of anyone's time to listen to it. It has made me start to think about the practice again (I'm lazy and forget, but this has given me the boost I need to remember how wonderful Hooponopono is). Please use my words on your site if you wish. Mabel's book is excellent, and well worth a read, and you asked some great questions.

Thanks again Saul,

Take care, Angie Evans

Hi Saul,

Yes I did enjoy the interview and believe that Mabel Katz has a wonderful simple way of explaining Ho'oponopono.

Joan Jennings

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I can't wait to get my hands on this Exclusive Ho’oponopono Interview with Mabel Katz.

I am amazed that you are giving me this valuable information for FREE.

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Dear Saul,

Hi and hope that you are thriving. I just want to thank you for the download interview with Mabel Katz. I found that it helped me get to the essence of the Ho'oponopono practice and made it all very accessible.

Although Ho'oponopono is for anyone who wants to use it, as a professional addictionologist, I have found that many people in good recovery from addictions seem to relate to it very well. There are many simple yet profound principles that overlap with those of recovery. For example, the Big Book of AA suggests that our serenity levels rise as we let go of our expectations; and over and over addicts have to watch out for the intellect which so often misleads us. We really know so little and yet think that we have all the answers - always better to "let go and let God."

So Saul, if we keep cleaning maybe Dr Len will come out here - we are allowed to hope even if we don't do it and expect that to be the specific result.

In the meantime I'm quietly reassured by the results of the cleaning - what a stunningly simple and effective process!

Stay very peaceful.

Love and Peace

Peter Powis
Clinical Psychologist/Clinical Director
Stepping Stones Addiction Centre

You may be wondering, "What’s the catch?"...well, there ISN'T one. I am simply helping
spread the word about Ho’oponopono because I feel so strongly about its ability to
completely improve our whole world.

I want to get the Ho’oponopono message into the world's consciousness as quickly as possible.
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Exclusive Ho'oponopono Secrets Interview

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